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SHULTZILLA Free Press Awareness Week


SHULTZILLA Announces Free Press Awareness Week

New Orleans, Louisiana- September 22, 2010 It’s a bird?!?! It’s a plane!? No- it’s SHULTZILLA! Ya heard?!

Local tshirt designers Aimée Shultz and Jeremy Miller have announced the beginning of “SHULTZILLA Free Press Awareness Week”. Through SHULTZILLA, their tshirt company, these hip designers put out original, creative, clever work; and therefore, they have been left out of the loop with everyone suing everyone else over the use of the term “WhoDat”.

They figure with all of this hoopla going on, they want in on some of the action. Hence, “SHULTZILLA Free Press Awareness Week!”

SHULTZILLA will gladly take any free press offered by any local, national, or international media. The two creatives state that they are in agreement that whomever would like to use the term “WhoDat” should be able to. However, they feel that vendors should get more creative with their products instead of jumping on the “WhoDat” bandwagon to make a quick buck. Shultz stated, “These people pass it off as if they’re fighting for my and your right to say ‘WhoDat,’ but what they’re really fighting for is their right to sell someone else’s idea. This goes for the NFL, Texas songwriters and local vendors alike.”

Miller added, “That’s why we started our initiative to request free press. We figure it will get everyone’s mind off the whole ‘WhoDat’ situation for a bit if the focus is solely on us.”

To kick off the beginning of “SHULTZILLA Free Press Awareness Week”, free ribbons will be given away at Magazine Street’s “The Occasional Wife,” which carries SHULTZILLA products. There really is no specific reason they picked ribbons other than the fact that this is a really important initiative…you know, like raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer, supporting our troops over seas and their families, and more recently, the Black and Gold Merchants Association. But that’s not all the tricks these two crazy kids have up their sleeves. That’s right. There’s more. Don’t worry if you can’t head over to “The Occasional Wife” to get yourself a ribbon. You can add your very own “SHULTZILLA Free Press Awareness Week” twibbon to your Twitter and Facebook icons.

Free Press Awareness Week runs from September 27-October 1, 2010.

Get your “SHULTZILLA Free Press Awareness Week” blue and orange twibbon here.

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[For those of you that don't know SHULTZILLA personally- no, they do not think their initiative is anywhere near the same level of Breast Cancer awareness and support for troops. They just like to point out the irony of these types of initiatives compared to the latter listed (Black and Gold Merchants Association). In fact, there really are no ribbons at The Occasional Wife. Does that ruin SHULTZILLA's chance of getting free press? This release is really just to raise awareness that we do not support businesses, local or otherwise, that can't support original ideas.]

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