Small Businesses Get BIG Recognition

Local Design Companies Receives International Accolades

New Orleans, La., September 4, 2012— A small New Orleans t-shirt company and design firm, SHULTZILLA and JAM Creative, were featured in this month’s issue of HOW Magazine, an international publication that focuses on creativity and design. The editorial focused on small businesses that were started on the side while the owners retained full-time, nine-to-five jobs.

These companies are owned by husband and wife business partners Jeremy and Aimée Miller, New Orleans locals with a passion for creativity and their hometown. Both firms started as creative outlets for their owners and having gained popularity are working their way towards becoming full-time projects.

The first of the two side projects was SHULTZILLA which was founded by the duo in 2009 to apply their love of design to their love of New Orleans. SHULTZILLA gave them a venue to use their sense of humor to create t-shirts, bags, and accessories that paid homage to New Orleans culture and way of life that “not everyone’s going to get, but the people who do are going to think it’s hilarious,” said co-founder Jeremy Miller.

The HOW article is ideal timing as the husband-wife team roll out a new website for SHULTZILLA this month. In addition to the traditional desktop design, the new responsive site features specs for tablets and smart phones. This will allow customers, and especially tourists, to peruse and purchase merchandise on their smart phones or tablets. Since the brand doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar shop yet and participates in markets and festivals around the city, this will make shopping easier for fans of their products.

After much success with SHULTZILLA, the couple wanted to take its design synergy to a new level and launched JAM Creative last year as a way to extend its design services to other local and regional brands. The design firm offers its clients various creative services including brand development, print design, and digital design and development.

“As young entrepreneurs starting multiple companies while maintaining a regular full-time job, it was tough,” said Aimée Miller, project manager at JAM Creative. “We really love design and what we do, so it was worth it to us to brand our creative point of view with these two startups. We are finally at a point where JAM Creative is our full-time gig and expect to grow the SHULTZILLA brand with the addition of a brick-and-mortar shop in the near future.”


About JAM Creative

Explorers, innovators, risk takers–JAM Creative is a print and digital communications design firm that focuses on creating really good work and having happy clients. Embracing of and adaptable to change, JAM is constantly thinking about good design, creating value for its clients, and never conforming to the norm.

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SHULTZILLA creates New Orleans-inspired apparel and accessories. Find SHULTZILLA at pop-up markets around the city or online at SHULTZILLA will give your “mom n ‘dem” a chuckle.

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