Geeky love for Shultzilla tees

New Orleans natives Aimée Shultz and Jeremy Miller know a little something about successful partnerships. After establishing their Metairie-based print and digital communications design firm, they launched Shultzilla (a cutesy/geeky combo of their last names), a t-shirt and accessory company that is in its fourth year. Oh, and the dynamic duo got married along the way.

This talented twosome combines a trio of super powers: a biting (yet family-friendly) wit, sharp design sense and a killer business methods. Taken together, the sum is certainly larger than the parts and as a result Aimée and Jeremy are kinda brilliant on top of being mega-creative and uber-successful. Their memorable tee designs feature catchy phrases familiar to New Orleanians such as “I love my mom n’ ‘dem.”

Jeremy Miller and Aimee Shultz. Photo courtesy of Shultzilla.

The market for NOLA-themed tees might seem to be reaching the saturation point, yet Shultzilla continues to set themselves apart with their clever tees sold largely online. They have embraced social media withFacebookTwitter and several Pinterest boards that highlight not only their t-shirt designs, but also their other business venture, JAM Creative.

After establishing themselves with adult tees (I’m already planning my next purchase, a “Sno don’t come in no cone” t-shirt), they branched out into designs for wee ones just in time for this past holiday buying season. With even more designs in the works, it looks like the creativity continues to flow in the Miller-Shultz household.

Showing some Drew Brees love. Photo courtesy of Shultzilla.

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