The Occasional Wife and SHULTZILLA

I’m always pleasantly surprised with each trip I take down Magazine Street. Just recently, after having lunch at Nirvana in the 4300 block, I happened upon The Occasional Wife. Now I know what you’re thinking, get your head out of the gutter.

Based on their very clever business model and tagline : “The Modern Solution to Your Busy Life”, The Occasional Wife is all about personal organization. Coupled with heavy doses of we’ll do it for you, The Occasional Wife offers a ton of services to help you get organized…here’s the SportsCenter version :

  • Packing and Un-packing of all your belongings etc during and after your move including the usage of products sold within their store.
  • Personal closet organization and retooling.
  • Your own personal “What Not to Wear” consultant who will come over to your home and help you build a wardrobe.
  • Baby Proofing

One of the coolest things about the shop is their “Treasure Hunt” space. Located on the opposite side of their main showroom, clothing, furniture, and other cool brick-a-brack have been rescued and collected from some of their re-organization clients. It’s quite a contrast between the two spaces and it totally fits the exposed brick lined walls and distinctively modern decor.

The Occasional Wife retail area is a true testament to doing is believing. Everything is in it’s place and laid out perfectly.

On top of the great selection of organizational objects, The Occasional Wife is also one of the first select retailers in NOLA to stock Shultzilla t-shirts and bags. Their gear stands out by offering great illustrations coupled with super clever statements. There are lots of folks out their selling their NOLA based wears, but Shultzilla’s approach is authentic, clever, and well designed.

Look out for The Occasional Wife’s Top 10 ads in Gambit each week for tips on how to be more organized.

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