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Look Ma! We’re on TV!

We had the opportunity to appear on WWL Channel 4 News this morning to help promote the Bridge House / Grace House Recycled Fashion Show that will take place tomorrow night.

It was an interesting day to say the least. Jeremy and I drove separate cars to the station and counted ourselves lucky to get not one, but two parking spots right in front of the news station/building. We changed into our ‘recycled threads’ (created by local designer and friend Lori Norvell of Material Girl NOLA). We waited for a bit in the green room (which wasn’t really green and was more of a warehouse size as opposed to room size.) Jeremy ran into local singer/songwriter Andrew Duhon, whom has an amazing voice. Andrew was also appearing on the morning show singing a few of his songs.

Eric Paulsen and Sally Ann Roberts gave us all a few good laughs when they questioned Jeremy’s outfit- a muscle shirt and a kilt with a wallet attached to a belt. They wanted to know if kilts were now in- I personally think after the world sees how awesome Jeremy looked, everyone will want one! My favorite comment of the day was Eric asking Jeremy if he had on a man-pouch. Indeed he did!

We did a few shots that appeared in between segments with several other ‘models’. In the midst of being on the news for the first time in our lives…one of the ladies directing us on what to do and where to be asks if anyone is parked in front of the news station. We know the news following can’t be good…we were certain she wasn’t going to congratulate us on the great parking spots. She informed us that our cars were about to be towed. We both run outside- Jeremy in a muscle shirt and kilt, and I in my pouffy skirt and camel hair vest- and sure enough, two tow trucks are setting up to tow both of our cars away. Luckily, the kind lady who was helping us today had asked them to hold up because she had figured it was us. Phew!

We moved the cars and ran back in so we could make the other shots.

The fashion show segment went well. Anne, who organized the event, as well as Lori, the designer of our outfits spoke a bit about how awesome the event is. Here’s a clip from the morning show today. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Look Ma! We’re on TV!

We are ready for the fashion show tomorrow and are so happy to be able to take part in such a great event!

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