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We are incredibly shocked over the insensitivity and self-serving purposes that the group K5NOLA has when dealing with the 5-year anniversary of Katrina.

Yes, our city and surrounding areas still need help. And, yes, other directors and film makers have filmed New Orleans post Katrina. Spike Lee created a beautiful documentary. The creators of Treme created a tear-jerking drama.

We believe that fundraisers are a good thing, but are they still good if they exploit the residents of New Orleans for free press and a resume’ builder for their organizers?

K5NOLA is group that says that their purpose is to honor the 5-year anniversary of the most devastating event that has ever occurred in our city by “recreating the Scene of New Orleanians’ Days of Distress during the Hurricane”. [taken from K5NOLA website]

I wonder if they did their research – if they had, they would know that these “scenes” include people cutting holes in their roofs to escape the rush of the water, or how about the large group of people stranded on the interstate because they couldn’t get out of the city in time, not to mention the 2000 people that lost their lives.

Yes, we get that wars are re-enacted all the time. But, fighting and dying in a war is admirable. The events that took place during Hurricane Katrina, for most New Orleanians, were the most desperate points in our lives, and frankly, some of those days we’d rather forget. It’s incredibly insensitive to turn the events to a reality show for the “big screen.” If you want to help, by all means, please help. But do it selflessly and because you WANT to. Not because you want people to SEE that you’re helping.

We wonder: Is K5NOLA‘s goal to help? Or is their goal to sell this series to FOX or MTV?

And just a note, New Orleans is filled with tons of musical talent…and we’re really kind of partial to them. Maybe some of them should be added to the lineup. We haven’t seen a full lineup yet, and with very little time to spare, that also concerns us.

We’ve seen celebrities come, we’ve seen them go. Brad Pitt and Angelina don’t spend their money here anymore. Reese Witherspoon got her free press for volunteering as a teacher. She’s gone now too. Oprah, George Clooney, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Jaime Foxx; the list goes on. They’ve all come and they’ve all left. Yes, they did some good for a little while. But where did it get us?

All of their celebrities are going to come, and then they’re going to go. But the residents of New Orleans are going to stay here and keep working to put New Orleans back where she belongs. If K5NOLA wants to do some good, they need to help empower the locals.

Our voice may not be as loud as it should be, but we’ve already got a voice. If K5NOLA wants to give us a megaphone and help us amplify it to the rest of the world, please do. But they should know we’re not completely helpless.

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