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June Freret Market

Man, today was probably the hottest it’s been all year here in New Orleans. But that didn’t stop us and 80+ other vendors from setting up and taking part in the June Freret market. We had a grand ol’ time selling some goods, and mingling with local crafters, food vendors, and visitors. Thanks to everyone who faced the heat and came out to see us. A special thanks to my mom and dad for helping us fold and tag shirts, and stitch labels.

We enjoyed seeing Lori Norvell of Material Girl NOLA today. This little lady is a crafty one to say the least. We recommend checking out her new recycled bags made from rice sacks. They’re pretty rad.

We also finally had the opportunity to meet Miss Malaprop and a few of our Twitter followers (shout out to Matt, Angie, and Nikki!) Miss Malaprop is a lil’ crafty one as well. She also helped found Craft Mafia, which is a bad-ass organization in NOLA that is celebrating it’s birthday this coming Thursday! Miss Malaprop also did a great post about us that makes us blush. Read it here.

Christy Lorio of Slow Southern Style also stopped by to say hello. We love checking in to her blog to see what’s happening around New Orleans as well as keeping up to date on southern style.

Freret Market will be closed in July and August and will start back up again in September. We hope to be able to meet lots more new people and see familiar faces when we head back in September. Wow…can you believe that’s not that far away?!

Anyways…we’ll keep you posted on new things we’re doing. And, believe us, we have lots of things up our sleeves, so be ready. As we bit you adieu, this one goes out to everyone who is or will be sporting our new design “What’s the name of your school?” : DJ Jubilee, ya heard!

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