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Happy First Year To Us!

And what an incredible year it has been! We hope you’ve had a chance to review our 2010 Annual Report. We’re very excited to be able to present all of our financial highlights to you, our loyal customers. (It’s definitely worth a read!) Thanks for a great year filled with art markets, fashion shows, in-store appearances and just good ol’ fun. Not to mention we bought a mannequin from Gal Holiday, which is just bad-a in itself. We’re hitting the ground running with ringing in the new year on a high note (and the new year is still a month and a half away!) so if that doesn’t say we’re not forward-thinkers, I don’t know what does!

Anyway, keep your eyes open for us around New Orleans and the outlying areas as we’re ramping up for a great second year.

A warm wish for a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Much, ‘zilla love,
Aimée & Jeremy

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