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Dirty, Dirty

Things have been rapidly picking up for Shultzilla as of late. This past weekend, we were given the opportunity to have our ‘It’s Always Humid in New Orleans’ shirt in the Dirty Coast Fashion Show. The show was really quite amazing, to simply put it. Here’s a run down of our top ten favorite moments of the experience:

10. On the way to the fashion show, we needed to stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a shower present and ran into John freakin Goodman. This really has nothing to do with the fashion show, other than the fact that when you see John Goodman, you know it’s going to be a good night!

9. Margaret Cho attended the show.

8. Plaid and polka dot lingerie- Jeremy and I have both a strange attraction to plaid, so I won’t complain if I have a surprise lingerie shower and someone just happens to get me something from House of Lounge!

7. Big Easy Roller Girls

6. Fleur de Tease- burlesque dancing at it’s finest

5. I got to meet RayBot. Two words: Chalmette represent.

4. Models- I think they put out an application for the craziest people in New Orleans and selected the top 20. I wish I had even half the dance moves of some of them. [Sidenote: If anyone has any info about the Camel Toe Steppers in New Orleans, please fill me in!]

3. Friends that came out to support us and have a drink or two

2. Our original models for the ‘Always Humid’ shirt were able to join us regardless of the fact that one got a flat tire on the way to New Orleans and the other had to leave town early the next morning for an out-of-town rock show he was playing in. Dedication.

1. Our shirt design rocked the same stage as Defend New Orleans and Dirty Coast!

We have several more events coming up this month and next, so keep your ears open and we’ll have more details to you later.


* Special thanks to Dirty Coast. You guys rock.

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