Talkin' 'Bout Tees

Defend WhoDat

The WhoDat Nation is gearing up to play the Colts this Sunday in the Superbowl and, quite frankly, I don’t think the city can be more crazy than it is now. The spirit of the people of New Orleans is unlike any other. What an exciting time to be in (and from!) New Orleans.

The NFL has been causing a rukus with trying to claim that they own the phrase ‘whodat’ and the fleur de lis. Of course, the people of New Orleans aren’t going to take that. I mean…really. It’s all a bunch of silliness. I’m sure several of our French forefathers turned in their graves when they heard that!

Anyways…I digress. Jeremy and I will be at the Rum House on Magazine Street this Sunday (all day) selling tees. If you get one now, you can say you knew us before we were famous. Wink, wink.

Get your black and gold ready for the Superbowl cause the Saints are going marching in!

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