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New Orleans Night at UNO

Hey, hey! We will be making an appearance at UNO’s New Orleans Night from 6pm-9pm tomorrow (Wed) Sept 7. There will be food, music and local vendors…it doesn’t get much more New Orleans than that. How can this night get any better? Easy- it’s FREE to enter, eat and enjoy the music! The event takes [...]

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We are incredibly shocked over the insensitivity and self-serving purposes that the group K5NOLA has when dealing with the 5-year anniversary of Katrina. Yes, our city and surrounding areas still need help. And, yes, other directors and film makers have filmed New Orleans post Katrina. Spike Lee created a beautiful documentary. The creators of Treme created [...]

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Gulf South Assistance

The BP oil spill is terribly detrimental to the industry and livelihood of everyone in the Gulf South. We definitely want to make sure we do our part in helping out during such an unfortunate time for our region. “Spill” is a deviation from our normal more humorous designs as this is a situation we [...]

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Tumbl into Stardom

We had no idea that all of these blogs were posting one of our shirt designs, but we’re totally stoked. Thanks for all the reposts for Shultzilla all you tumblr fans! Keep spreadin’ the word…Shultzilla is on a roll! Much love, Shultzilla

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